Photo taken by  Yael Malka *

About the Artist:

Li Stefan Reina (steh-FUHN RAY-nah) is a first-generation Colombian-American comic artist and illustrator based in Queens, New York.

Outside of the studio, he is a teaching artist for children’s after-school art programs at the 92nd Street Y and holds a BFA in Cartooning as a SVA alumnus. Under Community-Word's 8-month long Teaching Artist Project, he has interned at P.S. 17 learning how to bring energy, positivity, and validation into the classroom.

Currently, he is working on a zine regarding social anxieties and mental health. He is also working on a daily polaroid collection, "panel shots", documenting the journey of identity and memory one frame
(or panel) at a time.

For business and media inquiries, contact him at LSRMAPRR at gmail.

*Health care is a Human Right.
*A Roundtable for Asexuality.
*Trans Boxing Collective.
*2017-2018 TAP Anthology.