Photo taken by  Yael Malka *

that About the Artist:

Li Stefan Reina (steh-FUHN RAY-nah) is a first-generation Colombian-American comic artist and illustrator based in Queens, New York.

Previously, he was a teaching artist for children’s after-school art programs at the 92nd Street Y and holds a BFA in Cartooning as a SVA alumnus.

Under Community-Word's 8-month long Teaching Artist Project, he has interned at P.S. 17 learning how to bring energy, positivity, and validation into the classroom.

He also worked with a cat café that served as a social space and adoption center; providing personal care, medical, and dietary needs to rescue cats. Currently, he is working at an Animal Hospital providing urgent-care services for pets of low-income based families.

Outside of work, he enjoys creating personal zines regarding social anxieties and mental health, illustrating queer figures and trans joy. His daily polaroid collection, "panel shots", documents the journey of identity and memory one frame
(or panel) at a time.

For business and media inquiries, contact him at LSRMAPRR(at)gmail(dot)com.

*Health care is a Human Right.
*A Roundtable for Asexuality.
*Trans Boxing Collective.
*2017-2018 TAP Anthology.